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We believe that golfers, above all, should have fun. To this objective we devote our total commitment.

We believe that golf can be learned by everyone at a level to have fun.

The improvement of the ability of the player is mostly tied to his desire to excel and therefore his ability to devote time to practice for the improvement of the technique.

We believe that there is not only one swing that works for everyone.

Experience has taught us that success in golf is closely tied to the player’s ability to build your own personal swing in respect of their physical characteristics and fundamentals of the technique.

For this reason, our classes are primarily intended to apply the method of teaching suited to the individual needs of the student.

We believe that the performance on the course, is the main objective of the work done at the driving range to improve the technique of the swing.

We think that the player needs to always appreciate the satisfaction derived from playing on the golf course.
For this reason, most of our lessons, at all levels, take place on the course.

We believe that a low score is also the result of a series of good shots. A good shot is the result of a correct swing.
A proper swing is based on the application of a method of teaching that respects the individual characteristics of the player.

The player must have a clear understanding of what must be done and why it needs to do.

We believe in the importance of physical training and psychological training.
For this reason, we wanted to use of the assistance of experts that are able to help our student also in the improvement of these two important factors that affect the game.

We believe that young people represent the future of the game and it is for this reason that the Royal Park Performance Center is constantly monitoring the playing and practicing activity of a large number of young talents through a program fitted especially for them.

Golf is a sport and a game and should be taken as such. Our efforts are focused to ensure that the student can have fun improving their technical skills to develop their best golfing potential.

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Royal Park I Roveri wins the World of Leading Golf Award 2017

Royal Park I Roveri wins the World of Leading Golf Award 2017

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From 21 to 25 June at Royal Park I Roveri the youth Tournament “Trofeo Giovanni Alberto Agnelli”

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