Within the amazing atmosphere of Royal Park I Roveri: golf, passion, concentration and business

Royal Park I Roveri stands for the new reality of international golf: a growing sport that is increasingly gaining visibility and appeal, including from a commercial point of view, and attracting national and international investments, not necessarily linked to the world of golf.

The careful selection of the companies part of our business strategy, is a guarantee for our Partners, considering the numerous direct B2B opportunities and the network of contacts generated.

Being a Partner of Royal Park I Roveri means having exclusive exposure, multiple business growth options, effective communication tools, maximising brand value and commercial returns. Transforming a passion into a profession, passing on golf as an asset, experiencing Royal Park I Roveri and its collateral activities as tools to develop contacts, create new business occasions addressing a perceptive and exclusive public.

The offer includes the possibility of organizing sports events such as competitions, tournaments and invitationals. Activities range from press conferences to new product launches, communication campaigns and team building events.

At Royal Park I Roveri, both our Members and our Partners, all qualified and carefully selected companies, are an integral and motivated part of the Club and share its values with passion and dedication.