Course Policy

Forward Tees

In Club competitions the use of these tees is mandatory for all Under 21s with EGA Handicap >11.4; in these competitions, clubs must allow players Over 65 to play from forward tees, if they request to do so. For all other players their use is at the discretion of the Competition Commission.
Please be reminded that players who tee off from forward tees cannot compete for special prizes, such as driving contests, nearest to the pin etc. Results will not be valid for the annual Eclettica.

Use of golf carts

Please be reminded that a maximum of two carts per tee off are allowed.

Order of play

Tee times will be scheduled based, as much as possible, on EGA Hcp in ascending order.
Exceptions for school and work reasons may apply.
Tee times will be set by the Competition Director, under the supervision of the Sports Commission.

Score Card

Please be reminded that the first referee on the course is the marker; if in doubt, it is advisable to play two balls and ask the Tournament Director which one is considered valid.


Replace divots. Rake bunkers. Repair pitch marks on the green. Please be reminded that multiple infractions may lead to players being penalised and/or disqualified.


Unless otherwise advised by the Competition Commission, a 36 Hcp limit applies to all competitions.